Wish to Send a Letter to Elvis Presley?

In August 2007, Elvis Presley fans remain in for a genuine reward. Filmmaker Adam Muskiewicz is launching a brand-new movie entitled, The Truth About Elvis. The movie will consist of uncommon interviews with friends and loved ones of Elvis Presley.


Obviously, there has been much debate and proof indicating that Elvis might not be dead. The truth is, numerous reasonable individuals, think that he might be alive and concealing someplace.


The fact about Elvis is an extremely distinct movie because it is offering Elvis fans with an extra reward. Together with the movie release, a book will be released and launched consequently with the movie.


The book will be entitled, Letters to Elvis - What Fans Would Tell the King If He Was Alive Today.


The filmmaker is welcoming Elvis fans to compose handwritten letters resolved to Elvis, and described to Elvis how they feel about him, what does it cost? they miss him, and other feelings they feel. Elvis fans are advised to compose a letter from a point of view as if Elvis lived today.


Adam Muskiewicz mentions that copies of the book will be sent out to Graceland, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, close loved ones of Elvis, and he guarantees to send out copies to any opportunity that would be most likely to cause Elvis. By doing this, if Elvis lived someplace, he would undoubtedly get a copy of the book and can check out personal letters from his fans.


The fact about Elvis is a movie that looks for the reality of whether Elvis actually passed away on August 16, 1977. Numerous trustworthy individuals have offered theories and descriptions that explain a various story from exactly what the public has been led to think. Adam Muskiewicz cuts right to the chase in his movie.


There specify factors individuals think Elvis lives. Exactly what are they? Adam Muskiewicz checks out these concerns with individuals more than likely to understand the reality.


Exactly what I have discovered to be distinct about the movie, is that Adam Muskiewicz has approached this movie as an unbiased scientist. He has investigated this topic for several years, took a trip the nation in hopes of catching proof that exposes the fact about Elvis.Certainly, this movie will be something that the typical Elvis fan will be extremely thinking about.


Furthermore, it will catch the attention and interest of everybody. I think that August 2007, which marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, will be a unique time for Elvis fans. If Elvis were certainly alive, this would be the time for the reality to be exposed.


Although other anniversaries of Elvis's death have been unique to his fans, this year's anniversary will be additional unique. The Truth About Elvis, will no doubt just contribute to this celebration. In addition, that Letters to Elvis, is going to be released and launched at the exact same time, fans will delight in an additional unique time with this anniversary.


You are welcomed to compose a hand composed letter to Elvis Presley and send it to the filmmaker. He is going to release each letter in the book. Among the guidelines, the filmmaker has developed is that the letter should be hand composed. He likewise would like the letter to restricted to 2 pages.